Blitz compilation

by Elendighet

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Our songs for the blitz compilation album


released April 15, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and mastered by Ole Spangrud at better than your fucking studios studios



all rights reserved


Elendighet Trondheim, Norway

John - Bass
Ted - Guitar/vox
Tord - Guitar /vox
Chris - Drums

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Track Name: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
A new modern form of restraint

We`ve forced upon ourselves

If there is no product to give any growth
look no further

our thoughts go as stocks
freely we're living in bliss

when action is needed
it's grabbed by the roots
we're probed like cattles
our faces endlessly stomped

A new modern form of restraint

We`ve forced upon ourselves

If there is no product to give any growth
You're the product

"Liberté, égalité, fraternité"

lets not lose our rights
our ability to fight
opression, with the keys to our thoughts

don't let them
seize our souls
Track Name: We Know Nothing
assumptions flows freely
but truth will be revealed
old ideas replaced
we know nothing

our image, proven wrong
yet one more time

old habits, ideas
their weakpoints revealed
tear them down, replace
we've gained something

our image, for the better, proven wrong
yet one more time
Track Name: Through Spectacles
humans perceived as top of the throne
but reality will show who wears the crown
towards the end our fate has been sealed
reality revealed, nature will proceed

we polute, litter, soil the earth
signs of our sins, dried up the lands
the Third world lost in mirages of heat
but still no hands were ready to meet

notice, the call
to stop, our fall

nature perceived as a crop in the lawn
but in reality we're just the pawns
towards the end our fate have been sealed
no time to grieve, nature will proceed

the sea rose, but our minds were full
dulled by addiction to petty ideas
Fires, storms, and chaos, we saw
but still our ways continued to ravish

the crops will show their new face
earth will seize its next phase

extinction, our true fate
extinction, another clean slate